Pontevecchio Srl has gained consideration as one of today’s great, forward-thinking companies in the mineral water business. Founded in 1963 by Giovanni Damilano, it started production in 1971, gradually developing a bottling network of up to seven mountain springs across the Alps in Piedmont, at the foot of Mount Friolànd. Construction of the headquarters and the initial industrial processing line of mineral waters from the Sparea spring – which the first label launched on the market was named after – took place from 1963 to 1971 in Luserna San Giovanni, a small township in the Pellice valley (province of Turin).


Throughout its 45-year history, the Company has significantly renovated its facilities, which now cover a 25,000 m2 (269,100 ft2) surface area including 5 production lines.
Main investments were made on the production plant, to fine-tune both the glass bottle washing and sterilization processes, and the PET plastic bottle packaging process. This was achieved with the introduction of high-performance machines, with a production output of 120,000 bottles/hour and a production potential above 3 million bottles/day.